Product weight: 9.1 kg
Shipping cost: 30.00 PLN

Model RAPIDO has been created to drive fast around the city. This model is very lightweight and torsion. It’s ideal for driving to work and recreational riding on an equal urban surfaces at a very fast pace!

500 Watt durable brushless motor
The main advantage of a brushless motor is its high durability and reliability resulting from the elimination of the brushes.
Brushes are the most common cause of failure and the quickest wearing out mechanical parts of the engine.
This solution provides quieter operation of the engine and higher energy efficiency.

LiFePO4 7Ah battery
Teslaboards RAPIDO has built in battery made in LiFePO4 technology.
Battery capacity is 7 Ah. The main advantage of LiFePO4 technology is high current efficiency and  high energy density.
This technology guarantees very long battery life of up to 2000 cycles. LiFePO4 battery has hardly any memory effect.
All this advantages provide comfort of using electrical skateboard for a long time.
Range up to 15 km! (range can be extended on request by inserting a larger battery).

Battery charging time:
- up to 4 hours (with supplied standard charger)

Maximum speed - up to 30 km/h!
Top speed of Teslaboards RAPIDO depends on weight of the user and driving conditions.
Slope as well as strength and direction of the wind making resistance while driving have big influence on speed.

Steering a skateboard:
Turning left or right is adjusted by appropriate body balancing, acceleration and braking is regulated by remote control.
Remote control has following functions:
• driving forward,
• reverse,
• brake (engine braking)
• dipped beam (built-in flashlight)
• economical mode with max speed limited to about 15 km/h
• sport mode for driving at full speed

Additional information:
• polyurethane wheels
• skateboard weight - 9,1kg
• maximum user weight - 90 kg
• remote control weight - 200 grams